Kanie’s documentary film, “Message from Fukushima: “Nevertheless we live here” won a prize in the short film category at the Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2022.

December 10th, 2022 /2022年12月10日

Kanie’s documentary film, “Message from Fukushima: Nevertheless we live here” won an award in the short film category at the Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2022, and was screened at K's Cinema in Shinjuku on December 10th and 19th. She gave a speech on the stage after the screening.
People who appeared in this movie, people involved with the movie, and friends came, and in the evening, we had a celebration after the event. Kanie was really happy about that.

この映画に出演してくださった方や関係者の皆さん、友人の方々も来てくださいましたし、夜には打ち上げ会も開かせていただきました。 上映、舞台挨拶、打ち上げ会に来てくださった皆さん、本当にありがとうございました。

A short movie “Message from Fukushima: Nevertheless, we live here”

Japanese version/trailer (3 minutes 12 seconds)
日本語版・予告編 (3分12秒)

Japanese version/full length (28 minutes 16 seconds)
日本語版・本編 (28分16秒)

English version / full length (28 minutes 16 seconds)
英語版・本編 (28分16秒)

Website of “Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2022”

Website of Tokyo Documentary Film Festival 2022

Film production page

Film production and profile page
作品紹介、プロフィール紹介ページ https://tdff-neoneo.com/lineup/lineup-2971/#movie02

A speech on the stage at K's Cinema in Shinjuku

Kanie’s film was screened on December 10th and 19th, and she gave a speech on the stage on both days. This is a video of the speech on December 10th.

This is a photo of Kanie’s speech on December 19th. People who appeared in the movie, people involved, and many friends came for Kanie.

They appeared in the movie. They were on “Iidate reconstruction three cherry blossoms”. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, they have joined volunteer activities.

Celebration party

This is a photo of Kanie and Ushiki Mika. Ushiki was in the movie and wrote and sang the ending song for the movie. She came to see Kanie from Gunma Prefecture.

Kanie received congratulations from the performers who could not come because they live in Fukushima Prefecture.

This is a photo of Kanie and Satonaga, a photographer who filmed Kanie’s speech on the stage.

This is a photo of Kanie and two directors who also won the prize in the same category!!

Kanie was so happy that her old friends came to see her.