Lectures for Artist Statement, Correction and Portfolio Review.

Nov 26th and Dec 10th, and 24th, 2023/2023年11月28日、12月10日、24日

The lectures by Kanie Setsuko were held for the first time in four years.
When you write an artist statement, you need to follow a procedure for writing. If you follow the steps that Kanie has originally developed, you will find it very easy to write it.
Moreover, when you complete writing the statement, your artwork gets upgraded. It can be integrated into a project.
You will be able to make an international debut as a photographic artist eventually.


Lecture for Artist statement (November 28th and December 10th)
アーティスト・ステートメント講座 (11/28、12/10)

The contents of the session are as follows: (1) What is an Artist Statement? (2) What made Kanie want to teach how to write the statement? (3) What are the benefits of writing? (4) The procedure for writing (5) The points for writing, etc.
内容は①アーティスト・ステートメントとは ②ステートメントを教えたいと思ったきっかけ ③書くとどんな効果があるか ④書くための手順 ⑤文章化のポイントなど。

“What do you want to tell through your artwork (project)?” This is what the artist’s statement means. Even so, do not rush. You will find it easier if you follow Kanie’s steps.

Statements are required for international Portfolio reviews and international photo contests. They can also be helped with upgrading your artwork and putting them together as one.

The Kanie Method is constantly evolving. It changes in a way that everyone can easily understand. People who took part in the program seven years ago, last year, or even a month ago, can tell the changes.

This is the "Steps for Writing" on December 24th, 2023. Method No.5 was added, which wasn’t introduced on December 10th. It actually is the most important thing to improve your statement.

All the members of SAMURAI FOTO who have held solo exhibitions abroad, have had their artworks sold, or have their photographs been permanently exhibited at the Pushkin Museum of Arts and the Museum of Art Photography in the U.S, have been learning how to write the artist statement for 10 years.
SAMURAI FOTOでも海外で個展を開催したり、作品が売れたり、プーシキン美術館やアメリカのアート写真美術館で永久保存になっているメンバーはみんなステートメントを10年学び続けています。

Lecture for Portfolio Review and Statement Correction (December 24)

Participants showed their writings which they followed with the Kanie method on December 24th (Sun.). They presented their writings “5 items to be clarified before writing” and “statement” in the class. It was impressive that many people found something new from other people’s writings.

Kanie showed participants the statements that she had corrected for them. Participants were also asked to analyze their own statements. They had to check each sentence carefully and think about what they wanted to tell, and why they put the sentence here. This is the most important part of the method, Kanie said.

The lecture this time was for making one project (a series of artworks), but you can follow the same procedure when you write your philosophy for your artwork as a photographer. You’ll see your philosophy of your life through this process. Writing an artist statement can bring you such an effect.

It was the first lecture in a while since the pandemic.
We saw someone who had attended our first lecture seven years ago at the venue. Also, some professional photographers joined us. All of them listened to the lecture attentively.
We are grateful to all of them for taking their time for the lecture.
We are planning to hold the lectures next year, too. For those who come from a distance, we are thinking of holding online lectures as well.
Of course, we will make it richer in content, so please look forward to it.
Thank you very much.